Government Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

The State of Texas licenses and regulates many professions, such as doctors, realtors, accountants, cosmetologists, architects, plumbers, and electricians. In addition, many types of businesses are regulated either by a state agency or the federal government. These include nursing homes, funeral homes, and many others.

Licensing and regulatory agencies affect how you make a living. The regulators investigate complaints filed against you and can keep you from obtaining or renewing your license. Further, if a licensing agency thinks you have violated the regulations of your profession, the agency may be able to penalize you by assessing a fine or even by suspending your license. Because these governmental agencies can affect your livelihood, it is important to have an advocate who can help you when dealing with a licensing agency.

Due to her decades of experience working for multiple state agencies, Paula is skilled at interpreting the regulations affecting a licensed profession and at representing clients at hearings conducted by the State Office of Administrative Hearings.