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10-car R-142A trains. 6326-6330 delivered 8/2000. Together with the R142As, they replaced the Redbird trains, including the R26, R28, R29, R33, R33S, and R36. In 1997, an order was placed for 1,080 new cars for the IRT ("A") towed by diesel locomotive to East 180th St. Shop. Every so often, these older models will run on the live tracksduring the holidays and for tours and baseball gamesas the Nostalgia Train. of the remaining 35 new option single cars, for insertion within the They were built and delivered from 1999 to 2003, and were the first in a series of New Technology Trains for the MTA. Subway. The 6 got r62a as it was a like for like swap with the 7 train Reply . There are also quite a lot of subway cars swimming with the fishes; many retired models are recycled by way of being sunk in the Atlantic, to form an artificial reef. to E180Th St. 11/29/2000, 6411-6420 seen being tested on 12/18/2000, 6411-6420 in revenue service on 12/25/2000, Pulled from service for brake modifications, 2/2001, 6411-6415/6321-6325 in service week of 8/27/2001, 6421-6425 Delivered from Linden Yd. to E180Th St. 12/9/2000, 6351-6355 returned to East 180th St. after modifications at 207th Two island platforms. Your previous content has been restored. We are also compliant with the new CSPIA standards. =). R-142A Supplemental Order: A supplemental order for 80 ~ June 1, 2009. R142; R142; R142; R142; R142; R142; R142; R142; Metro de Nueva York; class of New York City Subway car; Serie di carrozze della metropolitana di New York; class of New York City Subway car; R142; R142, 149th St Concourse IRT td (2019-03-29) 01.jpg, 149th St Concourse IRT td (2019-03-29) 02.jpg, 149th St Concourse IRT td (2019-03-29) 04.jpg, 149th St Concourse IRT td (2019-03-29) 05.jpg, 161st St Yankee Stadium td (2019-03-15) 14 - IRT.jpg, 161st St Yankee Stadium td (2019-03-15) 16 - IRT.jpg, 161st St Yankee Stadium td (2019-03-15) 18 - IRT.jpg, 161st St Yankee Stadium td (2019-03-15) 19 - IRT.jpg, AtlanticPacific td (2019-05-24) 25 - IRT Brooklyn Local Platform.jpg, Brooklyn CollegeFlatbush Av IRT td (2019-05-24) 02.jpg, Brooklyn CollegeFlatbush Av IRT td (2019-05-24) 08.jpg, Brooklyn CollegeFlatbush Av IRT td (2019-05-24) 11.jpg, Brooklyn CollegeFlatbush Av IRT td (2019-05-24) 12.jpg, Burnside Avenue IRT Jerome; Interlocking Tower.jpg, Burnside Avenue IRT Jerome; Platform Sign under 125th St Canopy.jpg, Clark Street Tube Fix&Fortify Repairs (42936365592).jpg, Coche R142, lnea 3 del Subte de Nueva York.jpg, Coche R142A, lnea 6 del Subte de Nueva York.jpg, Daily Subway Ridership Tops Two Million for First Time Since Beginning of COVID-19 Pandemic (51105505651).jpg, Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn College 2 train.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 01 - R142 2 5 Strip Map.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 02 - R142 2 5 Strip Map.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 07 - Franklin Avenue.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 11 - Bypassing Winthrop Street.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 14 - R142 2 5 Strip Map.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 24 - Newkirk Avenue.jpg, From the 4 Train td (2019-03-29) 01 - To 149th Street.jpg, Fulton Ctr td (2019-07-04) 29 - IRT 7th Avenue.jpg, IRT Broadway-Seventh 66th Street Northbound Platform.jpg, IRT Lenox 125th Street Northbound Platform.jpg, IRT Lexington Brooklyn Bridge Southbound Platform.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 05 - IRT Express.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 06 - IRT Express, Step Aside.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 07 - IRT Express.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 08 - IRT Express.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 09 - IRT Express.jpg, Manhattan bound R142 4 train enters Yankee Stadium.jpg, Mosholu Parkway IRT td (2019-03-29) 03.jpg, Mosholu Parkway IRT td (2019-03-29) 04.jpg, MTA Holds 13th Mask Force Day (51324844619).jpg, MTA Holds 13th Mask Force Day (51325111850).jpg, MTA New York City Transit Cleans up After Winter Storm (39524679231).jpg, MTA New York City Transit Cleans up After Winter Storm (39524679471).jpg, MTA NYC Subway R142 7171 Destination Sign.jpg, NYC Subway R142 on the 4 R160A on the E.jpg, NYC Subway R142 on the 4 R160A on the M.jpg, NYC Subway R142 on the 5 and R160B on the N.jpg, President Street IRT Nostrand; Flatbush-Brooklyn College Sign.jpg, President Street IRT Nostrand; Platform Exit.jpg, R142 6 Train @ 149th Street-Grand Concourse.jpg, R142 At 207th Street Overhaul Shop and Yard with TOMC.JPG, Snow and Ice Prep- February 5, 2014 (12350813384).jpg, Southbound R142 4 train leaving Yankee Stadium.jpg, Subway Safety Announcement (52652153607).jpg, Subway Safety Announcement (52652153612).jpg, Subway Safety Announcement (52652917499).jpg, Subway Safety Announcement (52653083625).jpg, Wakefield IRT WPR Line; 2018-10-16; 09.jpg, Wakefield-241st Street Station (14125866217).jpg, Wakefield-241st Street Station (14309055221).jpg, Wakefield-241st Street Station (14310537812).jpg, Wakefield-241st Street Station (14332587433).jpg, Weekend work 2012-09-04 01 (7929680846).jpg, Winthrop Street IRT Nostrand; SB Helvetica Pillar Sign (Facing North).jpg, Woodlawn; IRT Jerome Avenue; 4 Train on Track 1.jpg, Woodlawn; IRT Jerome Avenue; 4 Train on Track 4.jpg, WPR Local R142 at East Tremont- Boston Rd.JPG, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:R142_(New_York_City_Subway_car)&oldid=507512777, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The train consists of 10 motorized cars. Cortlandt Street is still in the AAS for both programs 7 #2 Posted July 1, 2018 (edited) Nice pics. did u happen to catch what the exterior destination sign said goin' towards lenox terminal? More Info. Heres why. 2007 - 2022 NYC Transit Forums The conversion plan includes systems upgrade and/or replacement such as doors; installation of wifi, and more. 6301-6305 tested on Rockaway line on 4/26/2000, 6301-6310 running in service on the #2 since 7/18/2000, Removed from service for brake adjustments, 2/2001, 6311-6312 delivered on 12/20/1999 with 6301-6305, 6311-6315 seen at East 180th St. 8/14/2000, 6316-7-8-9-2-6320 seen running in 6 car linked set on 9/12/2000, 6311-3-4-6315 seen running in 4 car linked set on 9/21/2000, 6315, 6320 - Yankees logo applied to side under car number, Subway The net result [22][23] The train operator was killed, and 16 people were injured. R-142 cars were delivered by train from their facility in Plattsburgh, More Info. some of which date back to 1958 and should perhaps now be called preparation, 12/27/2000, Seen making simulated stops on the #6, 14th St. 11:04 am, The New York Transit Museum, located in a disused subway station, is home to a fleet of vintage trains that the public can wander through. equipment will be provided under a separate contract (which is also 7211, 7212, 7213, 7215, 7219, 7220 visible at Yonkers plant 12/22/1999. The conductor changed it back to a (2) shortly after entering the station. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. New Technology Train - Wikipedia Test trains have been on NYCT rails since November-December 2012. Motors/Braking/Trucks: 600 Vdc, AC Traction motor, 150 HP =), These are my Latest shots for the Interboro Rapid Transit(IRT) Company Shots! In March 2021, car 7021 its route and destination signs upgraded to LEDs. For train aficionados, there are a slew of ways to recognize not only the obviously different subway models, but also the minutiae that differentiates, say, a R142 and a R142A. $141.70 shipping. See, Conversion of 380 R-142A cars (ABBBA five-car trainsets) to CBTC-equipped "R-188"s, 38 new "C" cars to be inserted into converted R-142A trainsets (numbers 7899-7936), Eight new 11-car CBTC-equipped trains arranged ACBBA-ABBBCA (numbers 7811-7898). Display as a link instead, Amazon.com: Mta Subway Train Toy I would seriously ride that. The main order of 400 R142A cars are numbered 7211-7610; the 120 option cars are numbers 7611-7730. [25], During delivery, there were minor issues reported with the R142s and the R142As.[26]. Released 4-22-2015 | 54984 Views . An Eastchester-bound (5) train is seen departing Prospect Ave Station on the White Plains Road Line. The Kawasaki train, l Do not operate your layout unattended. After successful completion, the cars entered revenue service by November 2, 2000. It was built by Bombardier Transportation in La Pocatire, Quebec, Canada and Barre, Vermont, U.S. with final assembly performed at Plattsburgh, New York, from 1999 to 2003. The train does have wheels and trucks underneath, so it probably could move if it's being pulled, but not on it's own. In January 2019, the MTA proposed mid-life upgrades to the R142 fleet. Regular price $3.50 $3.50. I caught one back in February but it was a rerouted . Design and Build your own railroads with Trainz Surveyor and access hundreds of thousands of assets from the Trainz Download Station. 5.1.3 All of the nodes connected to the Propulsion Network will share the same Domain and Subnet address on both the RS and LS Propulsion Network as follow: Domain address length = 1 Domain address = 1 Subnet address = 1 minor) damage. NYC Subway Bluebird World's Fair Flushing Express. 7216-7220 operating on Dyre line 1/23/2000, 7215, 7220 and others seen at Gun Hill Road, 3/6/2000, 3/7/2000, 7211-7215 testing on Dyre line, 5/30/2000, 7211-7220 first day of revenue service testing 7/10/2000, 7211-7220 returned to East 180th St. after testing completed for modifications, 7211-7220 seen heading south at 149th/3rd Ave. on 12/22/2000, 7211-7220 seen in Unionport Yard, 1/14/2001, 7216-7220 & R142 6336-6340 spotted together in testing, 4/2001, 7211-7215 & R142 6341-6345 seen running simulated stops on the Is it me or is God playin w/ my vision, nice catch of a R142 train. Exterior view available for OpenBVE. In the 60s, it was razed. OpenBVE: R160A Cuomo E from World Trade Center to Jamaica 179th. These cars were the first cars with recorded announcements. PDF 30RTR15722i RK R142 Subway Set - MTH Electric Trains 6441-6445 testing on Dyre Ave. branch 6/20/2002, 6451-6455 delivered to Fresh Pond Yard on 2/2/2001, 6456-6460 delivered to Fresh Pond Yard on 2/9/2001, 6451-6455 moved to ?207th St. Shops? The R142A fleet initially comprised 600 cars, arranged as five-car units. R142 2 trains at Wakefield - 241st Street. The entire cost of the purchase was $1.45 billion. The main head car has a machinist driver section in front. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. "Subdivision 'A' Car Assignments: Cars Required June 27, 2021", "Some New Subway Cars Put Into Service Monday", "R-142 Datasheet from NYCT Revenue and Non-Revenue Car Drawings", "New Subway Cars Promise All Kinds of Information", "NYCT's New 'Millennium' Cars Enter Service", "Shorter Subway Announcements May be on the Way", "New Subway Cars Show Flaws And Are Removed for Repairs", "New Interior Electronic Strip Maps Coming to Subway Cars on 2 5 Lines", "Capital Program Oversight Committee Meeting", "Train that was set on fire at 110 st RIP Train Operator Goble @vinbarone @AliBaumanTV @KatieLusso @clauirizarry", "Photos obtained by @THECITYNY of this morning's fatal subway fire at the Central Park North-110th Street station the level of destruction", "One dead, at least 16 hurt in New York City subway fire", "Police: Arrest made in fire that killed NYC subway driver", Bombardier/Kawasaki Truck Comparison (Bomb on top and Kawasaki underneath), "New York City Subway Car Fleet June 2010 through November 2016", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=R142_(New_York_City_Subway_car)&oldid=1142750200, 1,025 (890in revenue service during rush hours), Stainless steel with fiberglass top end bonnets (some R142s use stainless steel bonnets), 6 sets of 54 inch wide side doors per car. to E180Th St. 11/20/2000, 6416-6420 Delivered from Linden Yd. Train Specification Documents for the R142, R142A and plans for R211 Facebook; Twitter; Attention: In order to reply to messages, create topics, have access to other features of the community you must sign up for an account. by Yannick, NYTM, OBC. # of veh. What ever happened to the R142/A cars on the (6) train? Awesome pics of the New Lots line!!! (1) 1 product ratings - MTH RAIL KING 30-2122- NEW YORK TRANSIT OPERATING 4-CAR SUBWAY SET EXC COND IB. The trains are linked up in A-B-B-B-A sets, but can be linked in 4, 6, 9, or 11 car sets.The R142's currently operate on the 2, 4 and 5 services. 5 Express Train. I'm late! After successful completion, it entered revenue service on October 20, 2000. From late 2017 to late 2018, the interiors of the electronic sign boxes on cars 76917692 were retrofitted with LCD screens, replacing the MTA Arts for Transit cards usually located there. and pneumatic friction brake system, electronically controlled; The R179 is slightly boxier than the R143 and R160s. And thank you for photographing my home line like it should be. Model: Modeled in 3ds max 2016. r142 photos on Flickr | Flickr Seeing that the never uses R142/As the never updated the LED of the , the have been updated as they are 100% NTT. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 12:38. Thanks to the encouragement of the New York Transit Museum and the MTA, a young boy's dinner-time idea became a reality! different voices are all personalities on Bloomberg radio. Street Yard in the Bronx, where they were loaded onto the tracks and semi-permanent sets in the order A-B-B-B-A but can be linked in 4, 6, 7676-7685 entered service on #4 around 8/7/2002; 7676-7685 entered service on #4 around 8/7/2002, 7686-7690/7706-7710 in service on #4, week of 10/7/2002, 7706-7710/7686-7690 in service on #4, week of 10/7/2002, At Unionport Yard to begin testing week of 10/7/2002. The new subway cars were based on the results of the tests from the R110A and R110B test trains. The four The Frankenstein-d assortment of cars is usually composed of R1, R4, R6, R7A, and R9 models, all in the Arnine familya fleet of similar cars manufactured for the IND lines in the 1930s to 1950 and used till the late 70s. [18] The R142 fleet would also be retrofitted with a "monitoring and diagnostics system". On May 28, 2010, the R-188 contract was awarded These included changes to the HVAC, propulsion, and door systems; the addition of Ethernet on the R142 fleet; and conversion of the fleet to be compatible with communications-based train control, in conjunction with subway signal upgrades along the IRT Lexington Avenue Line and IRT Seventh Avenue Line. The R-142A Kawasaki cars were delivered by flatbed truck to the 239th Cars 72117590 (a total of 380 cars) have been retrofitted with CBTC for the Flushing Line CBTC service and were converted to R188s. 7626-7630/7651-7655 testing on #6 line 6/6/2002, 7631-7635 delivered 4/2002 (Said to be used for training of #4 M.T.H. Electric Trains - Tagged "subway" - MrMuffin'sTrains The R142 car bodies are constructed from stainless steel.[12]. Released 7-10-2017 | 22374 Views. tailed by Loco OL903. service. The train consists of 10 motorized cars. is no longer done. 6341-6345 in service on the #2, 12/7/2000, paired with 6336-6340. Fan Railer's Railworks DLC Modifications; Train Simulator Classic Scenarios Two prototypes, the R110A and R110B, were used to test the . MTH 30-2391-3 R17 2 Car Non-Powered NYC Lighted Graffiti Subway Set. Open-gangway cars are the way of the future: In late January, the MTA announced its formal approval of the R211 model cars, 535 state-of-the-art, next-generation subway trains to replace older models on the lettered lines and the Staten Island Railway. New York MTA New York City 3 Pc. The remaining cars (7711 and 7718-7720) remained at 207th one pre-existing 10-car R-142A train (which would utilize the "C" car 6576-6580/6656-6660 in collision with 6441-6445 at 239th St Yard, formerly operated by 6301-6310. Recently viewed. Excepting only a limited number of non-passenger cars, the modern R-model trains are used across the system today. Bombardier R142 and Kawasaki R142A - CPTDB Wiki Powered by Invision Community. Who says what? Munipals brand painted wood toy trains are safe, sturdy, and fun. On April 30, 1997, the Board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved the purchase of 680 cars from Bombardier (the R142s) and 400 cars from Kawasaki (the R142As). [8][9] The trains are linked up in 5-car, A-B-B-B-A sets, but also can be linked in sets of 4 cars (A-B-B-A), 6 cars (A-B-B-B-B-A), 9 cars (one 5-car set and one 4-car set), or 11 cars (one 5-car set and one 6-car set). On March 27, 2020, a northbound 2 train with operating lead consist 63466350 and trailing consist 63666370[20] was set on fire while traveling from 96th Street to Central Park North110th Street. While tail has full passenger compartment. there is a connection to the IRT Livonia Avenue line in Linden CBTC service for the Flushing line. Delivery of the new cars began in December, 1999, with extensive The first R142s were delivered in November 1999. The new 23 cars of the base order are scheduled for delivery in the Together with New Yorks MTA, Chicagos CTA, Philadelphia's SEPTA, and NJ TRANSIT, Munipals has developed solidly-made wood toy trains that both children and adults will enjoy. [18] Like the R110As, the R142As feature wider doors than past A-Division equipment, with 54-inch side doors (about 9 inches narrower than the R110As' 63-inch doors, but 4 inches wider than the R62/As' 50-inch doors). Template:Infobox Train . By October 29, 2002, all R142As would have entered passenger service. Also train operators in the subway system are not classified as engineers! Thanks! Built by Bombardier in Plattsburgh, New York and Barre, Vermont from 1999-2002, these 1,030 cars, along with the R142A, are the new backbone of the IRT fleet. Plattsburgh facility via Selkirk Yard, Albany, and Oak Point Freight -Install to your OpenBVE directory & overwrite files if asked! Eighty cars, known as the R142S, were built by Kawasaki in 2003-04 to supplement the R142As. with 7691-7695 for an 11-car test train on the Flushing line, We share these values. can have R142s as originally planned from the, can be three-fourths or all R142A by getting half of the R142As from Westchester Yard and the cars they already have. The R142's and R142A's replaced all of the Redbirdsthe R26, R28, R29, R33, R33 WF, R36 and R36 WF IRT cars. for mechanical modification 2/27/2002, 6491-6500 moved from 239th St Yard to 207th St, 8/18/2001, 6491-6500 seen at Concourse Yard 10/6/2001 (still not in service), 6496-6500 returned to East 180th St. 5/19/2002, 6501-6505 seen on the property 6/29/2001, being tested with 6606-6610, 6501-6505 coupled to 6331-6335 and running in service as of 7/13/2001, 6506-6510 coupled to 6511-6515, being tested, 7/15/2001, 6511-6520 scheduled to enter service Monday, 7/16/2001, 6511-6515 coupled to 6506-6510, being tested, 7/15/2001, 6516-6525 making simulated stops, 7/27/2001, 6516-6520/6606-6610 seen in service 8/16/2001, 6526-6530/6316-6320 in service week of 8/27/2001, 6536-6540/6356-6360 seen being tested 8/28/2001, 6541-6550 seen at East 180th St Shops 10/3/2001, 6546-6550/6556-6560 seen being tested together 11/12/2001, 6555-6560/6781-6785 in service on or prior to 12/27/01, 6566-70 and 6871-75 enter service on #5 Line, 4/29/2002, 6576-6580 seen being tested on White Plains Rd. Powered by Invision Community. Regular price $23.95 $23.95. The first R142As were delivered on December 20, 1999. Line crews, for eventual use of the R-142A on the #4), (7650 will be last R-142A assigned to the Pelham Line, totalling

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